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    1、The intention of customers to submit their applications
    2、Customers of intention to carry out a full range of products, brands and other inspection
    3、The domestic market sales qualification
    4、The domestic market sales site approved
    6、Sure to apply for co-operation, signed a "smart-wave smart home agent / alliance contract
    7、Fill the store opened in the information table to arrange the flow chart
    8、Design provided by the Ministry of the renovation program and provide guidance
    9、Picking and before the opening of the preparatory work of the guidance of the domestic market sales
    10、The training department store manager and staff for product and business training
    11、The formal operation of the trial operation
    12、Throughout the domestic market sales department to provide the expertise to answer and event planning program operations support.

    (Joining table)Note: please e-mail sent back the completed


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