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    Outside the house, right in front of them, even though thousands of miles away, also can experience everything in the heart.
    Through the Smart-wave wisdom in the remote control service platform, you can use the mobile phone network, random,
    and control everything in the house, far system, an unlimited extension of your family's control.

    what is Smart-wave?

    Smart-wave wisdom home furnishing solutions, set4S ( Smart - Security - Saving intelligent, safety, energy saving,
    convenient Energy - Simple - ),System for tenants to address safety, convenient, comfortable, energy-saving4 needs,
    the whole painting that excited SS1green home furnishing fashion trends.

    Wisdom ranking system adopts automatic control, network communications, wireless communications,
    and frequency of handling a number of advanced technology, all kinds of home furnishing intelligent functions easily fused into1 overall,
    Intelligent home furnishing is a complete solution, will make ) is to enjoy the high-tech to bring us comfort ' comfortable ' fashion of modern digital life.

    In the face of increasingly nervous rhythm of modern life, Smart-wave wisdom home furnishing new" green Zhi Hui life" concept,
    Advocacy in a stylish and comfortable living and sustainable green life get balance between,
    Let the door the first experience of the world's most fashionable and modern way of living,
    Perfect show clear British people on the high quality of life taste!

      Smart-wave not bring you the same experience wisdom home furnishing!
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